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Daniela Beltrani is a performance artist based in Rome. She is the artistic director of PAR Performance Art Rome, a platform for the promotion of performance art and valorisation of cultural heritage in the open spaces of Rome.


She received a Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Art Histories from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, a Master in Management for the Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage from Sapienza Università di Roma, two Yoga Instructor Certificates from S-VYASA, India, and Tirisula Yoga, Singapore, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology from The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore.


Since 2010 Daniela has curated exhibitions, organised art events, contributed articles for art publications, and catalogues with a focus on contemporary art in Southeast Asia, and performance art.


Her projects have received financial support from Singapore International Foundation, National Arts Council and Artsfund of Singapore.


For the study, promotion and appreciation of performance art, Daniela has set up two platforms: SPAM in Singapore and PAR in Rome.


She has participated in art projects, exhibitions, festivals and residencies worldwide. She also travels extensively, having brought more than 150 performances to Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland, China, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Iran, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Artist statement

"My performances are often distillations from life experiences, reflections, ideas, images recovered from dreams, zazen sessions or brain in alpha waves.


Benefitting from a strong humanistic background, and focused on an ongoing research which draws on philosophy, psychology and spirituality, my performances invite the audience to delve into a more holistic experience of art, as a means to cultivate their own individual sense of aesthetics, and to recover their humanity and interconnectedness beyond the flimsy parameters of a decadent and materialistic society.


My latest series, From Human Doing to Human Being, intends to elicit an audience response from levels of consciousness beyond mind, intellect, and ego, through actions of meditative quality, carried out in repetition, stillness, silence, and/or non-verbal communication."

March 2023

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